S - GEAR is dedicated to providing an innovative design to match your eyes and lifestyle. 

We have a diverse product line, such as snow and motocross goggles, the most advanced lenses, extreme sports and sports sunglasses, as well as industrial safety eyewear.In order to efficiently create and produce excellent products for you, we will work with your idea through the entire development process.We will assist you through the design, prototype, modeling, testing, and manufacturing of your order.Depending on your design we will put all of our efforts to exceed your expectations.Through the use of 2d sketches and 3D drawing simultaneously, you can visualize your product instantly.We support a full-cycle development process from requirements, design, prototyping, modeling, testing, manufacturing, packaging and support. 


-Fast prototype development sent to you for your immediate feedback 

-Mold tooling approved production 

-Samples produced for you 

-A simple and easy to use ordering system 

-Shipping to anywhere across the world